"Medicating with Mary" - how does the program support you?!

I was recently reminded how frustrating medicating with cannabis can be...

I participated in a phone conference with Martin Lee, founder of Project CBD. My turn came up to ask my question and I froze! A bit starstruck, I was. Quickly, I muttered out something along the lines of "Can you suggest a method to pull me out of an attack from Multiple Sclerosis?"

To be clear, Martin is emphatic that he is not a physician. My hopes were simply that he could suggest a treatment regimen I could pull from to better support my RSO regimen. I quickly realized that this quick Q&A was not going to be the answer I was searching for. By the end I was only questioning everything I was already doing- including what was actually helping me- I quickly wished I had a technical question prepared but then I realized, this is exactly what other patients are going through.

"Learn from this" I decided.

Why wasn't this call proving to be my solution?

The entire call was 1 hour- my question's answer (that he was very patient with) was a fraction of that time. I needed to be able to sit and hash out what I'm going through with someone knowledgeable. Someone with experience treating conditions who could help me comb through what I'm currently doing and point out where I could tweak things to achieve better effects. 

What would have been more helpful?

Someone to sit down with and ask:

  • What is your current treatment regimen?
  • What are your treatment goals, both immediate & long-term?

Then, for that person to discuss with me possible adjustments I could make to try & achieve that goal. 

Finally, for that person to help me draw up a treatment regimen, or Action Plan, to follow that is customized to my lifestyle.

But what to do from then on?!

I'm on my own but "Medicating with Mary" is a program that you can participate in through Mary Medibles Consulting that provides you with support through:

  • initial 60 minute consultation to discuss
    • your current treatment regimen
    • treatment goals
    • & to come up with a personalized Action Plan to provide guidance while medicating
  • weekly 30 minute checkins to review
    • the Action Plan and make adjustments, if needed

What options are available to schedule?

Schedule individual consults:

Schedule a package:

How are you medicating with cannabis? Are you finding success?



1/2 of the respondents are struggling to treat their conditions! You are who I designed this program for, & you needn't be a newbie to the cannabis game to benefit, veteran cannabis users would benefit greatly from tweaking their regimen! 

Should you need to entirely restructure your treatment regimen, we can focus on that. The ultimate goal is to make your medicine work FOR you!


I look forward to meeting with you!
— Mary Webber
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