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Coming Clean with Cannabis

A new kind of cannabis cleanse

This book will explain why you should consider incorporating cannabis into your system instead of flushing it out. “

KIRA GRESOSKI |Author, KRISTEN WILLIAMS |Editor, Designer, Author


This is a great interview with Donna Shields, MS, RDN, and co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy with about CBD. The section “What should consumers be aware of when shopping for CBD products?


A Facebook group intended to provide a free resource for medicinal cannabis information. That includes THC, CBD & everything in between!

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Author: My Edibles Chef is an online community of cannabis-infused food lovers. We connect cannabis chefs specializing in private dining events with a national audience. You can book personal chefs, find a variety of unique infused recipes designed by professional chefs, and join our online forum to post questions or tips about making edibles at!

It started out with a phase I recently went through of listening to Joe Rogan podcasts. During which, I landed upon his 2 hours and 42 minute talk with Dennis McKenna, brother of psychonaut, Terrence McKenna. After hearing about all of the new medicinal findings in mushrooms and psychedelics, I became intrigued to learn more. This led me to Joe Rogan’s interview with Paul Stamets, mycologist, medical researcher and intellectual on everything fungi. I have become obsessed. I’ve dived into this rabbit hole which I do not plan to come out of any time soon.
— My Edibles Chef

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RSO or Rick Simpson Oil’s titration schedule as suggested by Rick Simpson. Maintenance dose instructions included for less involved conditions.

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Click THC in mgs to figure out the % of THC or CBD present. Simply enter the % of THC or CBD & the amount you have. Click "CALCULATE" and let the website do the work. 

Based off of Chef Jessica Catalano's formula to find how much THC is present when making edibles. Check out The Ganja Kitchen Revolution!