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H.E.L.P. is the newest section on marymedibles.com. The purpose of H.E.L.P. is to provide an easily accessible resource for a basic cannabis education. 

Read below about how the (5) H.E.L.P.  sections can assist you on your journey with cannabis.


H|elpful Videos

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E|ducational Webinars

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L|earn via online courses!

Struggling with medicinal cannabis? Enough is enough! Join me to learn how to utilize this phenomenal plant effectively!

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Medicating with cannabis can be challenging- where to even start?!

Tune in to hear how Mary uses cannabis to treat her MS & how it can be used to help numerous other conditions. "Medicating with Mary" steps away from the recreational market & pulls back the curtains to show the gentle world of medicinal cannabis.

Make your journey with MMJ less stressful!


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