Rebecca P.

When my dog was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Mary was an invaluable source of information as I tried to understand my options in terms of medical cannabis. She provided me with credible, high-quality resources, and her professionalism was a huge comfort. My dog's diagnosis is an ongoing journey, but I feel well-equipped to help care for her thanks to Mary's guidance!

Garrett Menghini/Down To Earth Garden

I signed up for your free Microdosing With Dispensary Edibles course. I appreciated that I could get through the course in one sitting (it felt manageable), and that the content was pragmatic and to-the-point. I felt like I learned a lot (granted, I'm a newbie, so my baseline is pretty uninformed, haha).

Pam b.

Mary's knowledge in navigating my new world of the incredible marijuana plant, cannabis, THC, and numerous other names for what can be extracted from this amazing plant and the different medical issues it can assist in helping with is truly most valuable.  To have one place to go to have questions answered such as what is the best combination of the plant to use to get the most for the symptoms that I was experiencing, what happens in the body and where to go to get the best product and information you need has been most beneficiary.  I thank Mary for her help and would highly recommend her services. 

Lani Eldredge

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mary Webber! She is a truly valuable asset to navigate and understand the many, many benefits of cannabis. Mary is honest, dependable, and truly cares. Beyond her wealth of knowledge, she has a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor. Mary's knowledge of the medical use for cannabis and expertise in making tinctures, salves, lotions, etc. is another invaluable skill. She has been an absolute joy as an educator , coach, mentor and friend. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Mary Webber at MaryMedibles.com as your consultant for all of your medical cannabis needs. 

Tammy Proctor 

Mary has been invaluable to me when it has come to learning about and using medical cannabis. Prior to Mary, I didn't know anything about CBD strains. Mary helped guide me to make my own tinctures. I don't know what I would have done without her help. I suffer from arthritis in my back and wrist. She also helped with sleep issues and some anxiety. 

Carole B.

Mary has great depth of knowledge about products, strains, dispensaries, providers and medical applications. She studies constantly, is up to date and has been a trustworthy invaluable resource in my exploring solutions for insomnia and old athletic injuries. I recommend her services without reservation.

Dale Rew/RewCrew Collaborations

My wife and I have known Mary Webber since she was a youngster and have witness the trials and errors of treating serious health conditions of her own.
After a great deal of time and money with countless different specialists, she only became more frustrated and very discouraged that her condition and her quality of life had only worsened. 
Having one bad experience after another with traditional "modern medicine" she saw her only option was to advocate for herself with research and medicinal herbs. 
The difference between Mary then and Mary now is nothing short of astonishing.
That's why as I prepare for a difficult thumb joint replacement surgery this week, I decided to tap in to the best source I know: Mary Medibles.
I am told the recovery for this surgery is quite painful and being my right hand, I may be slightly miserable, knowing virtually nothing about medical marijuana, I’m happy to have had a great consultation with Mary Webber.
Because of her very personal experience, the research she has done, the tried and failed recipes, and advocating for herself, Mary has acquired a foundation of knowledge and the passion to share it. 
In just our first meeting, she gave me the information and direction I need to get started on my post-surgery regimen without having to spend hours searching online navigating websites, sifting through pages of information for myself without knowing what was valid and what was bogus. 
I have yet to visit a dispensary, so I can't comment on the level of expertise of the "budtenders" but Mary says Reno has some very knowledgeable dispensary employees.