Strain specific medicaments matter!

Does it matter if the medicament being made is strain specific?

This is a point that I am often disagreed with on from those in the cannabis industry. The simple fact is that is does matter. The wrong strain or combinations of strains can, in fact, have extremely negative effects. 

I can speak from experience. I bought a powerful strain in the beginning of my journey with medicinal cannabis - Durban Poison. Powerful, it was! ONE SMALL puff and I immediately felt I was being electrocuted through & through. My muscle spasms increased dramatically for about 24 hours. It was a terrible experience for me, yet, others love that strain. 

This makes sense. Durban Poison is a cerebral, uplifting strain. I have an autoimmune condition. I need a relaxing strain. Notice "indica" when you look at old tincture bottles. This is generally what you want to look to for strains that are healing. 

I say generally because it depends less on if it's a "sativa", "hybrid" or "indica" but more on the terpene profile. I said before that I need a relaxing strain but the strain that works comprehensively for me is a hybrid. Gg4 is what returned my sensation to me & will take away muscle spasms and pain but only by ONE cultivator (I've lost track of how many I've tried). Look up Gg4, depending on the cultivator it is either sativa or indica dominant. Read about The Original Glue. Indica dominant. It doesn't make it Gg4 just because you call it that. It depends on the genetics & the environment.

"Strain specific edibles don't actually exist." This is what I was told by a major edibles company. Their reasoning? Because terpenes boil away and your only left with CBD or THC. 

Let us review a chart of terpene boiling points, keeping in mind NV only tests for a handful of terpenes but there are over 200 terpenes in cannabis!


Terpene boiling points on this list range from 125.6°' F to 482° F. We shouldn't assume they've all been burned away.

I also understand that the bud is saved to make concentrate extracts from, after all, that is where the money is. But by doing so you are taking it away from being turned into effective medicaments for MMJ patients (cardholders or not). The trim is not as effective! Think about what holds more medicine; a trim leaf or a dense bud?

I have been & will continue to preach on the importance of strain specific medicaments. They are imperative for some of us & it's not a small number. Nevada could be leading the nation with medical cannabis but we continue to fall back on the money making wonders that are recreational products. Not broken, don't fix it, right? Except, it is broken. 

We need to put aside what we've learned from the recreational market and look to the science. It's not about pot edibles, bong rips, and dabbing concentrates. Recreational can keep that but medical needs to move forward.


I found a bottle of Gg4 by "BaM Marijuana" tincture I had made, well labeled with my other medicaments... I couldn't believe it!

Update: after using my BaM tincture by itself for a day, I started going backwards. I wasn't walking nearly as well. I realized I had tried an apple cider vinegar made with Gg4 by GG Strains the day I found the tincture. I took a small sip (more than I needed!). Immediately both lobes of my brain began to wake-up, heal- I could feel the medicine doing something healing. It becomes so intense my head tickles in specific areas.  

I am not surprised as this is THE GLUE. Research the story of Gg4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4)! Learn about Joesy Wales & Lone Watie.  It is  an  unbelievable relief when you finally find effective medicine. 

Its worth being patient while trying to find a strain. Rush the process and you tempt creating a domino effect throwing your whole system out of whack. Start low & listen to your body.

Watch this video to see the difference in walking after less than 24 hours! 

I'm continuing to improve. It's a huge relief just to be able to relax. I can finally sit without trying to distract myself from constant pain & muscle spasms!

Patients continually report better responses to strain specific meds. It's time to shift the perspectives of those in the medical market.

Mary WebberComment