How can Mary Medibles Consulting help you with cannabis?

This is an important question to answer. No one else does what I do.

First & foremost, I am a patient. I could not care less about the industry. I certainly hope that those who deserve it succeed but I have no interest in joining the game. My core focus is & will always be providing well researched, unbiased information to medicinal patients (card holders or not). Mary Medibles is here to help people.

My introduction to medical cannabis was shocking, to say the least. No one need experience such uncertainty when they’re trying to improve their health (mental &/or physical)! I’m just going to be over here working on my meds, continuing to learn, & working to improve! In the mean time, I might as well share what I’ve learned! It’s fascinating! Check out more of my story here!

Past that, I work to provide information to the public about the medicinal use of cannabis, help patients communicate their treatment regimens with their doctor(s), provide appropriate educational clinics for budtenders & dispensary clientele. Should some one just want to bat questions at me for an hour, more than happy to !

My knowledge of the endocannabinoid system allows me to teach others how to target their treatment regimens to treat specific symptoms.

I am not recreational, I don’t even understand it. I can’t. It is incredibly hard for me to get high. Takes a very specific cannabinoid profile or bleh. I smoked weed in college recreationally. It was fun. However, after my MS hit me full on, my body responded very differently.

It’s really easy to make high dose meds for pain or sleep, utilize the interwebs. I step in when someone doesn’t necessarily want to spend the time looking method(s) up &/or if they don’t want to get high but they do effectively want to treat their symptom(s). Handling symptoms can be incredible challenging. There can be such a wide range present! how to treat them all?

Typically (I sure did before I learned) patients will just throw money at the problem. Buy everything anyone suggests just pleading for a break.

That’s simply unnecessary. One can be shown to utilize the tools in dispensaries to help them along their journey- not take a roller coaster. Should someone find that meds are unreliable or simply don’t work with their system, I can easily teach you how to make your own effective meds. You could use a camp fire if you wanted to (Dutch oven would really be best).

I am available if youwould like to discus anything in the cannabis realm! I send you a PDF that covers our consult for you to refer back to as needed.

The benefit in hiring me is that I save you a phenomenal amount of time & money (particularly with all of the hidden ins & outs I’ve learned). $25 is well worth 30 minutes for all you gain! Imagine spending an hour! You could be guided in a direction that is more likely to have positive effects versus playing expensive guessing games!

What services does Mary Medibles offer to individual MMJ clients?

Invaluable firsthand experience & carefully researched information on how to approach medicinal cannabis effectively. 

  • Guidance along your journey with cannabis through dispensaries, home grown, &/or homemade meds!

  • Need help dosing? Find out why 1 regimen does NOT fit all & learn how to dial in yours (hint- it’s NOT based on weight)!

  • Mary Medibles’ Cannabis Exploration Facebook group - join for free advice along your journey with cannabis!

My goal is to empower you with knowledge so you can begin &/or continue your journey with medicinal cannabis in an effective & enjoyable manner.

Cannabis can be intimidating. Where to start? What to try? The options are overwhelming and can be particularly so if you're already dealing with your own battles. I’ve personally been through the costly trial & error. Let me help save time & money!

Questions regarding medicinal cannabis &/or the endocannabinoid system?

Book a consultation with me to discuss!

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What services does Mary Medibles offer to businesses interested in offering isolate or hemp based products/services (<0.3%THC)?

  • Education on the Endocannabinoid System without a sales pitch.

  • Are you warning your customers if on heart meds? Learn why this is so important!

  • Dosing information for your customers for the most effective results!

Cannabis (including CBD isolate & hemp products) are in great demand!

  • How will you explain to your customers how/why it works?

  • What if they don’t get the results they were hoping for, why would that happen? What can they do?

  • Are certain applications better for certain conditions?

  • What companies to pick to offer? I’ll provide further unbiased material so you can thoroughly think it through.

What services does Mary Medibles offer to MME/industry clients?

  • Dispensary continuing education WITHOUT a sales pitch 

  • Consulting:

    • An unbiased & honest opinion on products & services. 

    • A knowledgeable patient’s viewpoint when trying to effectively target medical patients. 

  • Education based onsite clinics for dispensary customers

Take this opportunity to set yourselves apart.

What services does Mary Medibles offer to clients who are healthcare professionals?

  • I will serve as a knowledgeable intermediary between you & your patient. 

    • We’ll discuss your patient & their stated treatment goal(s) prior to our consultation. 

    • You’ll be provided with a copy of the suggested treatment regimen after the consultation for your information. 

  • Continuing education regarding:

    • Cannabis (both THC & CBD dominant- including hemp)

    • Endocannabinoid System 

    • Dosing 

    • How can patient symptoms be targeted?!


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