Why patients don’t belong in the recreational market...

Why patients don’t belong in the recreational market...

When I started to realize cannabis’ potential, I jumped into the industry as much as I could. It was exciting! Quickly, I began witnessing the drama that can accompany any industry. 

I watched a dear friend & mentor fight against it & finally wave the flag, it was no longer her battle

I naively thought I could slip in & take over fighting for patients from the inside. I was just coming out of a highly professional dental office focused on continuing education. That would be what I inspire! The need to keep our educations as fresh as possible to provide patients with the best experiences possible. It would be glorious!

But how to get in? I’m not actually famous, no dispensary owner is going to see me & say, come provide continuing education!!!

Solution! I would trade my name as a patient to give companies an advantage in the market place for the opportunity to provide budtender education!

It was brilliant! I met amazing people & was able to impart knowledge! I was pleasantly surprised at how many budtenders were truly in it to provide a helping hand. 

Then things turned. I discovered why I had been warned patients don’t belong in the industry. 

I had an adverse reaction to a product, not entirely unexpected given my sensitivity. I couldn’t get a satisfactory response from the company’s owner so I asked the proper authorities in the state, just as a dental patient who had concerns would contact the dental board. Pretty straightforward. 

Not this time around. Soon my reality was being altered. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of trusted friends grounding me as my mind started to feel like it was slipping. 

I was told there was extreme anger expressed that I would take that step, so much so that the words couldn’t be relayed. Anger is understandable but this was inappropriate.

The owner emailed me to explain my reaction to me. An explanation that actually had nothing to do with it. I didn’t respond. Done

Protocol in our office dictated we not communicate with the patient until the board had settled it. I suddenly understood why that distance is important from a patient’s standpoint. 

We rarely had a complaint but if it happened, you simply provide your documentation, that should settle it & everyone gets their questions answered in a neutral environment.

That’s not how this was playing out.

I soon became paranoid, checking security tapes (yes, it’s digital- whatevs), constantly on social media to see where people were. James left the back door unlocked on accident before work. Instant panic when I took the dogs out. I was spinning.

As I saw that I was purposefully being manipulated, I cut ties ASAP. Protect & guard myself.

The most surprising was when I was going to send a postcard. I asked for an address then was lectured why the owner of the company who I had questions for was the best. Again. 

Weird and unnecessary. Done.

Fortunately, it appears that I was only being manipulated, I had worn out my welcome. No other grand scheme, making it very anticlimactic. It’s what I agreed to, I literally said...

“As long as this is mutually beneficial, we’ll work together.” 

It became rapidly no longer mutually beneficial. I now understand my friend’s warning. 

Patients CANNOT be in the industry.

I had no idea I was having anxiety attacks. I had never experienced anything so overwhelming.

I am forever grateful to a friend I met along my journey who took the time out to post a simple reminder to everyone

Always look for signs with your loved ones
— @punkmom_


It was an excellent lesson but I am proud of my 2nd time down the rabbit hole. Didn’t do too shabby! Won’t be back but it was entertaining, at least. 

I will continue helping people in my area of expertise on the medical side; providing support. It is no longer my battle


I’ll be fighting for my life no matter what. Salespeople, they come and go. Who I am searching for are those powerful forces searching to find a way to help others. People like Jay & Sarai of Kush Cake Pops

Kush Cake Pops?! 

Because Sarai, too, is fighting for hers with epilepsy. Note the strain specific meds they offer. 

This is the difference between recreational & medical: recreational has medicinal side effects but very little thought put into it past what will makes money the quickest. Medical, however, deconstructs first & discovers what is most effective, then works to make that process as efficient as possible while monitoring that the effects are still being achieved, often having powerful recreational side effects. 

Each have their place but to capture the medicine at THIS stage- the closer you are to the plant, the closer you are to medicine. 

Don’t think because someone sits back & smiles, that they’re not studying everything you do. What fuels your passion?

My fuel is watching people improve their health. That will win over a monetary motivation any day. 

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