Starter's Guide to Medicated Oils

Step by step instructions on how to effectively make medicated oils stovetop & in the Magical Butter Machine.


Thank you for enrolling in “Starter’s Guide to Medicated Oils”! This is an excellent foundation course for anyone interested in making their own medicated oils! Frankly, it’s an awesome refresher course for those of us who often medicate, the technical bits in particular.

Below, you will find 9 chapters:

  1. What to expect

  2. Choosing your cannabis

  3. To decarb or not to decarb?…

  4. Choosing your oil

  5. Medicating Stovetop

  6. Medicate in the Magical Butter Machine

  7. Storing & using strained bits

  8. Start low!

  9. Conclusion

To best prepare you for success in this course, I have created workbooks from the presentation to provide supplemental information for the chapters covered in this course. Taking your own notes is highly recommended for retention purposes but is certainly not required!

There will be a review quiz between the last 2 chapters to help further instill what you are learning. A contact form is located at the end of the course should you wish to leave feedback, a review, or have a question for me.


Mary Webber

Ch 1. What to expect


Ch 2. Choosing your cannabis


Workbook: Choosing your strains


N. NV Dispensaries


Ch 3. To decarb or not to decarb?…


Workbook: Decarboxylation


Ch 4. Choosing your oil


Workbook: Choosing your oil


Ch 5. Medicating Stovetop

Stovetop Instructional Card

Prep your station


Start medicating


Agitate your cannabis


Strain your oil!


Ch 6. Medicate in the Magical Butter Machine

Magical Butter Machine Instructional Card

Prep your station


Medicate your oil


Ch 7. Storing & using strained bits


Workbook: Storing & using strained bits


Ch 8. Start low!


Workbook: Start low


Review Quiz

Take this REVIEW QUIZ to see how many questions you answer correctly! Scroll through to answer then click submit -OR- click the link in the title to receive your score! Anything need reviewed?


Ch 9. Conclusion


Workbook: Conclusion



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