Return Policy

updated September 28, 2018

Please contact if you were unhappy with the services rendered. Refunds will be given within a 30 day period once the client has provided documentation as to why they were displeased. 

Please note that is a package was purchased & partially used, the bonus consult(s) do NOT carry cash value, you will only be refunded for remaining consults if any are still unused.

Mary Medibles is not responsible for the product you purchase, suggestions made throughout our discussion(s) are just that, SUGGESTIONS. It is up to you to perform any additional research you may be interested in BEFORE you make your purchase(s)! 

Mary Medibles is not responsible for how you decide to use cannabis. We are simply here to provide suggestions based off of a combination of first-hand, anecdotal, & scientific research/experiences. It is ultimately up to you, the client, to do your due diligence &, if applicable, inform your medical team. 

My goal is to help you understand medicinal cannabis, it you are unhappy with my methodology, I strongly suggest you search elsewhere. You are always welcome back (so long as things remain positive) should you decide this was a helpful path for you!