Medicinal cannabis is ENTIRELY different than recreational. Here we’re really getting into the science of things. Why does it work the way it does and how, as a patient (with OR without card…) can we utilize it to make it effective in treating our symptoms? 

I help people avoid the trial & error of figuring out how to navigate the dispensaries & plethora of products for MEDICAL purposes, teach people to make effective extractions & medicaments to treat a wide range of conditions including pain, seizures, gout, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, & MANY others.

Why should I hire a cannabis consultant?


How do I make an appointment?

  1. Click "SCHEDULE"
  2. Select service
  3. Select desired day/time
    • click pencil icon to edit
  4. Select "continue" to finish scheduling appointment 
  5. Complete "Your Information" & (if applicable) appointment questionnaire
    • questionnaires are able to be edited up to one hour before your appointment
  6. Select "Complete Appointment"
    • an email will be sent immediately  with information regarding your upcoming appointment 

How do I purchase packages?

  1. Click "SCHEDULE"
  2. Select package
  3. Verify order is correct
    • any previously selected services/packages will show - to update quantity, specify how many of each are wanted and select "update"
  4. Select "Complete Order"
    • your receipt will be emailed to you immediately
    • see how to schedule package consultations below


How do I schedule purchased package consultations?

You will be receiving an email within 24 hours of purchasing your package outlining the specific instruction process chosen. See the individual package descriptions in the scheduler to learn what you'll receive with your purchase. Email us at info@marymedibles.com if you have further questions regarding specifics of any of the packages.


What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You received an email immediately upon scheduling your service, should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment:

  1. Open your appointment email
  2. Select "Edit Forms - Change Appointment - Register"
  3. Select "Cancel"* or "Reschedule Appointment"
    • * 24 hour notice is required to cancel appointments & receive a refund

How do I register for an account?

  1. Open your initial appointment email
  2. Select "Edit Forms - Change Appointment - Register"
  3. Select "Register for an account"
  4. "Sign up"

Now, you're able to return to our scheduler & login to see your upcoming appointments &/or remaining package appointments!