Ep 4| How Cannabis Works

In this episode, I review:

  1. What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) 

  2. Where is it located?

  3. Why do we have one?

  4. How does it work with cannabis? 

  5. How does cannabis unlock our system?

  6. Info on CBN from Steephill Labs

  7. What about CBD?

  8. Why is it important to know about? 

  9. CBD Alert to patients on Heart Meds

  10. External/Topical Trick

  11. How can we use this info?

  12. Terms 

Please see "Terms" in the notes if unfamiliar with a term(s)- always remember Google “Magic”!

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Ep 3| What to start off making?

Ep 3| What to start off making?

January 17, 2019

In this episode, I review:

  1. Meds to make

  2. Suggested Strengths

  3. Decarboxylation 

  4. Sativa or Indica?

  5. Start Low!

  6. Suggested Dose Increase

Please see “Definitions” (p9) in the notes if unfamiliar with a term(s)- always remember Google “Magic”!

Each of these topics could have their own podcast, I’ll briefly review each. Feel free to request I expand by emailing info@marymedibles.com.

Cannabis can be intimidating to work with, I know I was nervous the first couple of years! This is still unchartered territory for us medical patients. Working together, we can share our stories & make each other’s journey easier.

Thank you for tuning in to Medicating with Mary!

Mary L Webber

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Oct 16, 2018| Ep 2 Medicated Apple Cider Vinegar Tinctures


  1. What is an “Apple Cider Vinegar Tincture”?

  2. How can ACV tincture be used (topically &/or internally)?

  3. Why use the bud unactivated (not decarboxylated)?

  4. How is it made?

  5. How can ACV tincture be used (specific examples)?

  6. Project time: Medicated Fire Cider

  7. How can Fire Cider be used (specific examples)?

Comment with your project photos &/or tweaks!
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Medicating with Mary


Medicating with cannabis can be challenging- where to even start?! Tune in to hear how Mary uses cannabis to treat her MS & how it can be used to help numerous other conditions. "Medicating with Mary" steps away from the recreational market & pulls back the curtains to show the gentle world of medicinal cannabis. Make your journey with MMJ less stressful!

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