Medicated Oils Tutorial

Medicated Oils Tutorial


The basic of the basics, Medicated Oils Tutorial is a simplified course that focuses strictly on medicating your chosen oil. You will receive stop by step instructions on medicating stovetop and in the Magical Butter Machine. You'll also receive a list of herbal infusers on the market, should you be interested.

The main benefit of this course is that you can learn to make cost-effective medicaments at home with little effort.

Tinctures. Versus buying in a dispensary for $25-230, using the recipes inside your cost per ounce will only be around $4-8!

  • Capsules. Medicate your own coconut oil capsules to reduce your cost from $3-$5 per capsule to 20-40¢ per capsule!

  • Topical oil. Reduce from $40 per ounce to $7-14 per ounce!

*These prices are a rough estimation based on purchasing bud from dispensaries and medicating variety of oils.

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